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KLINDEX was founded in 1988 by the Bibiano brothers, who invented and patented a new system for sanding and polishing marble and granite floors using diamond abrasive discs. KLINDEX has become the best sanding and polishing system for marble, granite, concrete and parquet.

They have developed the diamond iron discs with a bonding agent, suitable for everything that is marble sanding with the MS series, granite with the GS series, hard concrete with the CD series, standard concrete with the CS series, abrasive concrete with the CA series and friable concrete with the CF series.

Iron ranges

The iron ranges are suitable for all substrates, so that there is a high cutting performance and moderate wear. They have also developed diamond resins for marble sanding with MK, for granite sanding with GS, for concrete sanding with CK green.

For floor preparation, TCD is used to remove corrugations, BT to remove paint, and PCD to remove thick resins.

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