Porcelain stoneware treatment

What is porcelain stoneware?

Porcelain stoneware is a ceramic material of great hardness and high resistance to chemical or climatic aggression. In the 1980s, porcelain stoneware manufacturers had the idea of tinting the cookie by covering it with a layer of enamel. It can have a high gloss, satin or matte finish. Just like any type of flooring, porcelain stoneware faces everyday aggressions, beyond the fact that it can be installed incorrectly. Discover all our maintenance products for your floors

Efficient treatment and renovation products

We offer products to make your floor shine, to remove dirt and scratches with stain removal products, degreasers and also protection products. The product used will again depend on the desired finish: rather matt or rather shiny. With the Giorda system, we have developed stripping products (DK 306), and a new generation product, protect grès, which provides protection with an invisible film, this treatment must be renewed once a year, it is easy to use.

Finishing products to enhance your porcelain stoneware floors

We also have a system of polishing of the stoneware, which will strip with powders until a satin aspect, all that without chemical product, only under the effect of polishing. We have a specific product for themaintenance of the stoneware, which is Giordasol stoneware that will remove the dirt, even the most stubborn, bringing the material to its original color.

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