Parquet treatment

The different forms of parquet

Parquet comes in several forms, solid parquet, glued parquet, it can be varnished or oiled, with different poses, Hungary point, broken concrete, English pose, joint boat port, frieze rosette and mosaic. There are several possibilities of wood species, oak, chestnut, pine, and exotic woods. Exotic woods are very popular and are mainly installed outdoors. Parquet, often laid indoors to cover the floor of a house, requires maximum protection because it is a permeable material by nature. It is therefore sensitive to stains, but also to scratches caused by heels, chairs, furniture. Discover all our maintenance products for your floors

High quality treatments for your floors

Parquet floors are notoriously difficult to clean, so they can quickly become sticky, tarnished, stained and scratched. Here we offer you treatment and sanding solutions (such as gumming) to treat your floor in the best way and make it less sensitive to aggressions. Your floor is tarnished, damaged, scratched, worn? Contact our technicians who are former sanders and who will put their expertise at your service to help you find a sublimated parquet floor. Themaintenance of your parquet floor will require specific methods and products depending on your floor (wood and finish), it is essential to maintain it regularly and to use adequate protection. There are different methods to protect your floor:sealing it, oiling it, waxing it. We offer many products that will meet your expectations in order to treat your parquet floor effectively and also for a rendering in line with your desires.

Innovative products for the maintenance and renovation of your floors

All exotic woods in exterior will need a degreasing once a year, as well as a re-oiling. The Giorda method provides the solution of sanding and sealing on new or renovated parquet. The floor can be sanded several times, with the possibility of changing the aspect thanks to the Giorda group's stains. It is necessary to sand and seal the wooden floor before applying a finishing product.Maintenance is done with Giordasol for daily cleaning. Discover all our products for the maintenance of your parquet floor: interior oils or exterior oils that will protect your floor, degreasers or varnishes... Everything to protect your floors at home or on your terraces.

Concerned about the environment, we work with laboratories in order to use a maximum of water-based products, more ecological and thus more respectful of nature.

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