Concrete Treatment

Concrete, a popular material

What was only a neutral concrete screed decades ago has become a popular material for high-traffic commercial and industrial premises. Indeed, neutral concrete floors or renovation floors can now be transformed into modern, design and durable floors. We offer many products to treat and maintain your floor such as mineralizing products for concrete, waterproofing products, treatment and protection products for concrete... Discover all our maintenance products for your floors

An efficient treatment for your concrete floor

With the Giorda method, we can make the concrete shiny thanks to polishing, we can also improve its technical characteristics with specific mineralizers for each concrete. We can provide water and oil repellent protection. We also offer products and methods to protect your concrete floor from all the grease and water stains that can occur. It is also important to remember that before protecting a floor, it is necessary to treat it if necessary in order to protect a clean floor so that it lasts in time. It is possible to leave the concrete matte to give it an authentic look, but the trend of shiny concrete, mirror aspect is more and more present.

Products for the maintenance and renovation of your concrete

You will have to sand and apply some products following precise steps (Giorda System method) in order to obtain a shiny, mirror effect on your concrete. This will give a modern wet look that brings an additional charm to concrete floors. With the Concrete Finish, we will give the concrete a mirror-like shine and give it an extra protection. Concrete can be stained to achieve a specific aesthetic look. The maintenance of polished concrete is very easy, it is done with a pH neutral product, and a micro-sanding.

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