Natural stone treatment

What is natural stone?

Stone has been used for a very long time in construction and art design. Natural stone is one of the main materials used to dress the floor of the house. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Because of its hardness and resistance, natural stone floors are often used in wet rooms such as bathrooms or terraces. Over the years, natural stone can become dull, so it will need to be renovated, this renovation will be done by sanding or stripping following specific steps and using appropriate products.Discover all our maintenance products for your floors

Quality treatments for your stone

Very often, natural stone used indoors is porous and therefore sensitive to aggressions such as stains. In order to protect it, it is necessary to apply a water and oil rep ellent before use, a treatment that should be renewed every 2 or 3 years. Indeed, our floors face many aggressions every day, it is important to regularly maintain its natural stone floor so that it does not age too quickly and does not have a tarnished and aged appearance. We select effective treatment products to alleviate acid stains, scratches, saw marks, rust, grease stains, tannin stains, tarnishing of the stone. We offer different products to take care of your natural stone floors: sanding products, water and oil repellent treatment, finishing patinas, stripping products for natural stone to remove old treatments and dirt. Just like marble and granite, natural stone floors can, over time, leave small holes that need to be quickly filled with putty, for example, to prevent clogging.

Innovative products for the protection of natural stone

If you need advice, we will guide you to the best natural stone floor treatment products that will make your floor look like new. Without having to renovate it, it is necessary to maintain our natural stone floors so that they do not tarnish too quickly, this is also the objective of some of our products such as Giordasol which is a daily maintenance product with neutral pH. Giordawax is a natural wax that will enhance your natural stone floors, this product is also suitable for terracotta. A two-in-one product that will increase the charm of your authentic floors.

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